Spring Soccer JK-4th Grades




*Efforts are made with GSL Coaches and leagues to accommodate multiple (overlapping) GSL Sports.  Please refer to the GSL Church “Fairness Policy” (included on the online registrations and sports website) if you have any questions about practice attendance and game playing time.   

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JK-4th Grades Spring Soccer Information

Welcome to Spring Soccer for JK- 4th grades.  We began offering Spring Soccer in 2012 and hope to continue offerring it for many years to come.

There are some challenges we face with our spring soccer program:  

For example, we don't have GSL field useage for practices or games, as it is utilized by the school for their baseball season; therefore, participants must travel a bit farther for games, and if needed coaches must find alternative practice space. Memphis Catholic School has graciously allowed us access of their field for practices. Currently, the league we play in has PROMISED that they will make EVERY EFFORT to schedule GSL vs GSL games at fields ckoser to us.  One of the challenges is that MANY available fields during the spring are out east.  

Also, we have a vibrant Baseball/Softball/T-Ball Program and an Extended Basketball League (for 3rd & 4th grades)that overlaps with this season. This creates some challenges with scheduling all sports practices and games.  

We want to communicate clearly with you about the environment in which spring soccer is offered.   In order to both fulfill a need for a spring soccer program, and to balance the challenges of operating an additional sports program, the church offers Spring Soccer under the following conditions:   

1.       Soccer is being offered through GSL in the spring for a mini-season only for JK-4th grades.  Please keep in mind that this is a shortened season designed to keep the children engaged in soccer.  Our primary season is in the fall.

2.       The spring mini-season is dependent upon an active committee of parents “Parent Coordinator” and is responsible for supporting the program and the Athletic Director by recruiting coaches (as with our other programs, all coaches will be required to be certified through the diocesan Safeguarding Program);  facilitating the division of teams based on coach feedback from prior seasons;  helping the Athletic Director with communications; etc.  The Parent Coordinator will report to the Church’s Athletic Committee.  Please contact Christi Authement if you are interested in the "Parent Coordinator" position.  She can be reached by phone at 901-825-7353.

 3.       The spring mini-season is dependent upon an active group of volunteer coaches:

           a.       The Church doesn't provide, or is responsible for locating field space for practices or games;  coaches are responsible for practice space (although, currently, Memphis Catholic School is offering our coaches practice space), and the league is responsible for game field space.  You might have to travel further away for games due to the lack of field space offered during the spring.

            b.      It is the responsibility of the coaches, with help from the Parent Committee when necessary, to evenly divide the teams.  Where possible, the intent will be to keep teams from the fall season and coaches together for continuity.  Therefore, there will be no player assessments conducted by GSL.

4.       All games are played at away sites, as the GSL Field is not available during this season.  This is a condition on participation in any Spring Soccer League.

5.       The offering of spring soccer is being done on the condition that it does not interfere with the t-ball, baseball and softball programs currently run by the Church.  The impact of soccer on these programs will be regularly reevaluated and will include a review of historic and current participation in those sports; the length of the seasons; the timing of the seasons, and any other pertinent information.  Should the dates of the soccer season or t-ball, softball and baseball seasons ever change so that the seasons’ overlap more than they do currently, the strong view of the Athletic Committee is that spring soccer would no longer be offered through the Church.  Please be aware that baseball, softball and tball will overlap.  Please refer to the 2018 Calendar on the sports webpage for all season dates.

GSL Spring Soccer Registration is open from January 1-31 and can be accessed online at www.gracestlukes.org (youth, sports, spring soccer).

The spring season is March 23- May 12 and we'll continue to play in the current ESCRA League.  As always, thank you for your continued support.


Christi Authement and the Athletic Committee