Dr. Deirdre Good on April 30


On April 30, Dr. Deirdre Good, my New Testament professor from seminary, will make a presentation on the resurrection in chapter 20 of John's Gospel, which is that moving scene in which Mary Magdalene encounters the risen Christ. Dr. Good will discuss how music and art have sought to imagine this story from John’s Gospel, which happens to be my favorite Gospel.

The Rev. Dr. Keith Ward on May 7


On May 7, I am simply delighted that we will host the Reverend Dr. Keith Ward in the forum. Keith Ward is Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity, University of Oxford, a position founded by King Henry VIII. He is the author of numerous books in philosophy and theology, including The Big Questions in Science and Religion and his five-volume comparative theology. For more information about Keith Ward, visit his personal website at www.keithward.org.uk. Dr. Ward will discuss the relationship between resurrection and scientific views.