Rector Search March Update

The Search committee would like to thank all of our GSL family and friends for their prayers, encouragement and support during our search process.  A special thanks goes to Lee Nix and all of our wonderful cooks who have prepared meals for us so that we can meet after work to  conduct candidate interviews and prepare for the next phases of our search process.
Our search has been blessed with candidates around the country who are enthusiastically sharing this journey of discernment with us.  Our time together begins with prayer and ends with our GSL rector search  prayer.  We ask that you join us in praying for GSL, our search committee, and our candidates and their families.  

O God of unchangeable power and eternal light: look favorably on your whole church, but especially this Grace-St. Luke’s family. Grant us perception, faithfulness and joy that we may hear your voice in all our deliberations. By the power of your Holy Spirit stir up in us the desire and ability to truly hear each other and those whom we have entrusted with this process. Give us courage, we pray, to respond and act as you lead us in seeking a faithful pastor and teacher who will equip us for the work of ministry, that we may glorify your holy name, and by your mercy, obtain everlasting life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Rector Search February Update

Your Search Committee is continuing to make steady progress in the search for our next rector.  We are conducting videoconference interviews of candidates who have made it through the initial selection process, and are excited to get to see the candidates face-to-face (albeit in cyberspace at this stage).  While we have moved to a new stage in the search process, we are still accepting nominations and adding candidates to the process.

So, the Search Committee is busy, working hard, and looking forward to the next steps in the process.  Meanwhile, please be patient, and remain in prayer for the members of the committee, our parish family, and the clergy members who are in discernment with us.

Rector Search January Update

The Rector Search Committee continues to make progress in our search for a new rector. We have received a number of applications from qualified candidates from around the country and we are moving forward with our search process.

We will continue to accept nominations and applications so that clergy who have been focused on the busy Advent and Christmas seasons have time for discernment.  As we move forward in our search for a new rector, we ask for your continued support through prayers and candidate nominations. Please send any questions or comments to rectorsearch [at] gracestlukes [dot] org.

Rector Search December Update

The Rector Search Committee is currently advertising the GSL rector position. During this posting phase of the search, the committee is actively seeking nominations and applications for consideration to move forward in the calling process.  
Although this posting period may seem like an “idle” time, it actually quite busy! This is a critical period for priests who are discerning whether they are called to a new ministry. They are reviewing our website and parish profile to learn about us, talking with their bishops, and potentially submitting materials for consideration. This posting phase is designed to allow time for this process to occur.
The search committee is meeting regularly to review the submitted candidate applications and continues to seek nominations for the rector position. We are working closely with The Rev. Chip Davis, our Diocesan Transition Minister.  He is a resource for us during the search process to answer questions, make recommendations, and vet nominees.
Thank you for your prayerful support for our committee, vestry, and the candidates. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or nominations at rectorseaarch [at] gracestlukes [dot] org.

Parish Profile

Parish Profile Page 01

Phase Two of the search process is focused on actively seeking nominees and potential candidates for the rector discernment process. We are now focused on getting the word out about our search. The Ministry Portfolio has been added to the Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) national database which is used to match churches and clergy during the discernment process. It has been affectionately labeled our “eharmony” church/rector profile matching system. We also rely on word of mouth and our parishoners to nominate potential candidates for consideration. We can direct them to our website to learn more about our GSL family. The Parish Profile is now posted on our website and can be accessed via this direct link ( and sent to clergy to view. This electronic format provides early accessibility to our parish profile and allows anonymity for clergy while they are exploring if they would be a good fit for GSL.

Thank you for your prayer support for our committee, vestry and candidates. Please contact us with any questions, comments or nominees at rectorsearch [at] gracestlukes [dot] org.

Thank you to all

The Search Committee thanks all who participated in the Rector Search Survey and the Saturday morning Roundtable Discussions.  Many of you shared your thoughtful feedback which, coupled with the Vestry's Mutual Ministry Review and staff contributions, is guiding our work as we create our parish profile and candidate information materials. By mid-October, we hope to have concluded the research and information-gathering phase of the search process. Stay tuned for updates on our progress via The Messenger, eNews, Sunday announcements, and  Please note there is a specific email address to contact the Rector Search Committee at rectorsearch [at] gracestlukes [dot] org.  We appreciate your prayerful support during this search process.

Search Committee Selected

It is with gratitude that we announce the individuals who have agreed to serve in the 2017 rector search process. These individuals were selected for their talent and faithfulness, as well as their ability to represent our diverse community. The parish will receive regular updates on their progress, and we ask for your prayers and patience as they begin this important work.

2017 Rector Search Committee:

  • Nicki Soulé (Search Chair)
  • Antoinette Cheney
  • Ryan Gibbs
  • Barb Frazer
  • Ed Hord
  • Sandra Ireland
  • Debbie McCanless
  • Murray McKay
  • Josh Shipley

The 2017 Vestry Charge

It is the expectation of the vestry that the next rector will be a priest committed to ensuring an engaging and nurturing Sunday worship experience, and that the next rector will possess experience with leadership and management at a program-sized parish. Recognizing that Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School is a primary mission of the parish, it is also the expectation of the vestry that the next rector will continue to support, sustain, and strengthen this Church/School relationship.

The first charge recognizes that the Sunday spiritual experience is a top priority of our community. Worship, strong preaching, and inspiring, enriching programming are fundamental in bringing parishioners closer to Christ and to one another. Our warm community enjoys a robust sense of humor, values diversity, and welcomes all who seek spiritual growth.  

Second, our parish has an experienced staff, committed lay volunteers, and a solid financial position requiring an individual with strong organizational skills capable of managing and growing a program-sized parish.  From this core position of strength, we hope that our parish will develop a role of greater relevance in the broader community. 

Finally, the parish recognizes that Grace-St. Luke’s School — while not under the authority of the rector — is a vital partner in our mission and a critical piece of our identity in the community. Our parish shares a campus with this coeducational day school with an enrollment of 500 students from age two through eighth grade. We pray God will send us a rector who will continue to nurture and support our current strong relationship.

Our church is vibrant and strong and we pray for patience and guidance as we look for our next Rector to help fulfill God’s plan for us in the future.

2017 Search Process

The search for the next rector of Grace-St. Luke’s has begun.  A search committee has been formed and will work with the diocese to identify and evaluate qualified candidates.

The Vestry recently completed a Mutual Ministry Review outlining our vision for Grace-St. Luke’s Church in the coming years. While many creative ideas were shared, there was an overwhelming consensus that existing programs and priorities should be nurtured and maintained. Accordingly, the Vestry has issued the following charge to the Search Committee: