2017 Search Process: A Vestry Update

 The search for the next rector of Grace-St. Luke’s has begun.  The vestry is working with the diocese to identify the best candidates to be considered for our next rector. A committee will be formed to evaluate qualified candidates and Nicki Soule has agreed to serve as its chair.  We are in the process of selecting eight additional people to work with her in this process who will be chosen for their talent and skills as well as their representation of our diverse community.  These individuals will be selected from nominees submitted by vestry members and former Senior Wardens.  

The Vestry recently completed a Mutual Ministry Review outlining our vision for Grace-St. Luke’s Church in the coming years. Though many creative ideas were shared, there was an overwhelming consensus that existing programs and priorities should be nurtured and maintained.  Therefore, the 2017 Vestry Charge to the Search Committee contains only minor changes from the previous charge:

The 2017 Vestry Charge

It is the expectation of the vestry that the next rector will be a priest committed to ensuring an engaging and nurturing Sunday worship experience, and that the next rector will possess experience with leadership and management at a program-sized parish. Recognizing that Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School is a primary mission of the parish, it is also the expectation of the vestry that the next rector will continue to support, sustain, and strengthen this Church/School relationship.

The first charge recognizes that the Sunday spiritual experience is a top priority of our community. Worship, strong preaching, and inspiring, enriching programming are fundamental in bringing parishioners closer to Christ and to one another. Our warm community enjoys a robust sense of humor, values diversity, and welcomes all who seek spiritual growth.  

Second, our parish has an experienced staff, committed lay volunteers, and a solid financial position requiring an individual with strong organizational skills capable of managing and growing a program-sized parish.  From this core position of strength, we hope that our parish will develop a role of greater relevance in the broader community. 

Finally, the parish recognizes that Grace-St. Luke’s School — while not under the authority of the rector — is a vital partner in our mission and a critical piece of our identity in the community. Our parish shares a campus with this coeducational day school with an enrollment of 500 students from age two through eighth grade. We pray God will send us a rector who will continue to nurture and support our current strong relationship.

Our church is vibrant and strong and we pray for patience and guidance as we look for our next Rector to help fulfill God’s plan for us in the future.