Door of Hope By Philip Ramsey Rule


Door of Hope is a 2017 Grace-St Luke’s Outreach grantee. Philip Ramsey Rule, the Outreach Liaison to Door of Hope, prepared this article on the organization.

I have always had a home. No matter where I go or what I do with my life, I have a home. A home is not a house or an apartment. It is not some basic form of shelter or a place to store my things. It is not even a place at all. It is the knowledge that there is somewhere on God’s Creation where I am welcomed and loved unconditionally. Everyone should have that and far too many don't.

The plight of the homeless here in Memphis is more than statistics or figures. It is real people in physical and spiritual need of a home. Door of Hope, a locally based non-profit incorporated in 2005, seeks to fill that need and strives to end homelessness in Memphis, one door at a time. But as I said, home is not truly a place and Door of Hope knows that. Their trained social workers and volunteers give more than a warm bed and meals to their guests. They work with them to become part of the community. The volunteers plan community events—from simple board games to excursions to Memphis’s most famous locales. They work together to maintain a garden at 165 Merton and tend the grounds.

The organization also works with guests in their Writers Group, fostering creativity and expression. In 2014, this group, alongside longtime volunteer Ellen Prewitt, published a book entitled Writing Our Way Home: A Group Journey Out of Homelessness detailing each of their incredible journeys. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and all proceeds go to the authors and Door of Hope.

Door of Hope provides more than food and shelter to the homeless in Memphis. It provides them exactly what they need. A home. If you are interested in learning more about Door of Hope and ways to get involved, please visit their website,