Restore to Wholeness: Recovery Sunday, August 26


Recovery Sunday is a celebration of the deliverance by God’s grace of persons who have been imprisoned by a punishing and bewildering illness. The cost of this disease to our society and our Church, is monumental. It breaks the hearts of those who love the one who is addicted. It wounds the Body of Christ. Please join us Sunday, August 26, and invite your friends and loved ones who are in recovery, and those who have not yet found this way of life, to join you this day to celebrate and to hear this life saving message. Laura White will lead the Parish Hall Forum hosted by the rector who will preach. Come and hear what they have to say about this significant topic.

Recovery Sunday Class (Parish Hall Forum) 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Trezevant Hall

Laura White Photo 2016

Join us for “Restore to Wholeness," a vital conversation between Laura White and our rector, the Rev. Ollie Rencher, on how the church can help families affected by addiction. Participants will learn how to love and support those impacted by the disease of addiction and Restore them to Wholeness. We will also hear an update on the progress The Episcopal Church has made since the 2016 General Convention passed several resolutions concerning the church and its role in this important topic.
Laura E. White, co-chair of the West Tennessee Episcopal Recovery Commission, is a mother, psychotherapist, and entrepreneur committed to sharing the message of recovery.

For more information about Recovery Ministries, contact Lucy Owens, 901-272-7425 or lucy [at] graceslukes [dot] org.